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About Us

A laboratory of technology, research and innovation.


A laboratory of technologies, research and innovation.
In 1985, the electronic engineer Paolo Serlenga founded the company: since then and for over thirty years we have been involved in the development of customized electronics in various market sectors.

Areas that have as their reference static conversion and energy control, then developed by our company in multiple engineering achievements.

Since the beginning of its activity, the company has had an office stationed in the C.N.R.S.M. of Brindisi, exclusively dedicated to research, and a production site in Cinisello Balsamo, for the transformation of research results into projects.

What We Do

Systems that give you safety and efficiency
The pulsations of the heart, the telematic networks that surround the world, the skyline of a metropolis that lights up, a running child. Everything is energy. And we work to transform it.

Energy is our raw material. The starting point for inventing new ways to use it.
From railways to subways, from electromedical to energy for telecommunications and military equipment.

We study products and systems that can guarantee you safety first of all but also a new efficiency in all areas of life and business in which you operate.

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